Monday, March 27, 2006

a love affair

...the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world...

lovely weekend. i've decided to have a love affair with the city.

i made friends with an ant named ramona underneath a tree in the glorious spring weather. also, dining on hippie fodder upon the lake, while sitting on old picnic tables and watching squirrels [and boys] climb the turrets of elegantly deteriorating architecture. a birthday party was held in my honor (as well as for the champions of WISPIRGs 10% energy bill and a belated st. patty's day
shindig.) drunken escapades with mardi gras beads, entire bottles (pronounced bo-tull, like the british do) of captain morgans entirely for me

"do you have a crown on your head?
then the captain says F-U.
stay away or we'll hook you."

green beer in giant beakers, miraculous feats of dancing madness and cloves on the porch. oh, and approximately 85 pictures. the secret restaurant of langdon which serves me sicilian shrimp and sun-dried tomato tarts and darjeeling tea in a fancy silver pot. flaming cinammon and bananas foster, piano men in black and white fedoras, and us gorgeous girls. the capital is, of course, featured in several candid photos (interrupted only by traffic...) while coldstone is the hotspot for dessert...yum for amaretto raspberry deliciousness.

there was drama of course (there always is). but it all fades when one falls asleep.

i might wave goodbye.
but probably not, baby, probably not.

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