Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i give up

i give up.

reading something that i think is really glorious writing makes me uneasy. dave eggers is married, and this makes me want to cry. i have a terrific crush on my ta. i may be too liberal for non-profit work. the world revolves around money, and this makes me want to burn all currency and start over with cocoa beans. at least chocolate is edible. i'm getting really excited about [possibly] living in a co-op. volunteering at the worker's rights center and the therapeutic horse stable are my goals for the week. i have writer's block. putting my hair into a ponytail takes at least three bobby-pins.

i give up.

and he said wake up, there's a mountain outside
that makes no sense, she said, mountains only come out when the ocean stops screaming
he said it has
she said i can still hear the waves beating themselves into oblivion
and he started to cry.
she asked why
and he said it was because nothing had ever disappeared so quickly from view
she said nothing?, walked towards the
door in the floor, and then
disappeared over the side of the mountain.

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