Thursday, January 19, 2006

perusing the habits of an opal-eyed hermit

i am in a tizzy. therefore, indulging. violently. ok, not quite violently...but pretty hardcore. [i can't believe i just wrote hardcore in a blog. blech. is it worse that i'm talking to myself about writing badly online? i should probably stop this.]

indulging in what? comfort things. music, food, people, books. movies, TV, habitual activities that make me feel lighter and less dramatic. comfort things.

.righteously-angry comfort music: ani difranco [gravel]
.revolutionary comfort music: bob dylan [times they are a changin']
.beach-bum comfort music: jack johnson [banana pancakes]
.love-song comfort music: jason mraz [after an afternoon]

.spunky-yet-heartwarming comfort movie: october sky
.accepting-my-mental-state comfort movie: girl, interrupted.
.discovering-the-non-phony comfort movie: igby goes down (see holden caulfield for a definition of "phony")
.all-things-80s comfort movie: the breakfast club

.old-school-cool comfort TV: M*A*S*H
.dramatic-healing comfort TV: ER (specifically older episodes with george clooney)
.manhattans-and-stilettos comfort TV: sex and the city
.cartoon comfort TV: the muppet babies or the new adventures of winnie the pooh

.obliviously-cheerful comfort habit: dancing on bascom
.broodingly-thoughtful comfort habit: writing in the dark
.insomniatic comfort habit: listening to the lake at night
.endorphin-charged comfort habit: running to picnic point

that is all.

"I wrote 2000 poems one year. I don't know what they are about, I never figured that out, but I believed in them. I used to chase my friends around with my poems trying to get them to read them and they didn't want to because then they'd have to tell me how horrible they were."

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