Tuesday, January 10, 2006

mismatching tennis shoes on sundays

i like lists more than complete thoughts at the moment. oops.

champagne, raised in slender glasses, bubbles rising infinitely. a toast, 10 days late.
to the boys in thug boots and bling, wearing oversized sweatshirts and cornrolls...thank you for singing gospel harmony while waiting for your food. you made my day. to every woman in a car at a traffic light, music blasting, wailing along to the heartbreak songs in that throaty voice which only comes out when you really want to cry. to bad coffee and donuts at 7 in the am. to indie film makers and movies about small children with big eyes and curious voices. to slinky black skirts, white silk, and skanky black heels...every girl needs skanky black heels. [well, not really. but they're really a lot of fun.] to old high school english teachers who remind you that a) terribly amazing things are in store, b) not everyone needs to be an engineer to make money, c) not everyone needs to make a lot of money to be happy, and d) costume jewelry is never out of place (on the right person). to recurring dreams about destined cats and endlessly disappearing hallways. to awkward sentences and supremely awkward questions. to kitchens in the twilight hours: assef's, kristen's, kate's. these are some of my favorite places. to falling in love with someone because of their mouth, and to falling out because of the words that come out of it. to being dirty! eating vegetables! liking trashy detective stories about new jersey! to sleeping until noon, eating ben and jerry's at 2 in the morning, and wearing no socks in january.

.i've been thinking. [cat power]
.have you ever. [creedance clearwater revival]
.i've got dreams to remember [otis redding]
.can't cross over. [miriam makeba]
.the only living boy in new york. [simon & garfunkel]
.house of the rising sun. [the animals]
.rainy day women #12 & 35. [bob dylan]
.beautiful soul. [jesse mccartney] <--- this is my guilty pleasure song. don't give me shit for loving it. i won't take it.

like a tiger in the dark you were hungry from the start
am i losin' control am i losin' my soul just tell me, am i losin' you?

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