Monday, June 25, 2007

kleptomaniacal coffee house parties

So hum hallelujah

The universe of numbers that represents the global economy. Millions of hands at work, billions of minds. A vast network, screaming with life. An organism. [pi]

relating stories. blasting fall out and driving toward the weekend. buying mini bottles of booze in waukesha. chocolate raspberry martinis, jazz bands, and grumpy bartenders. "do you taste as good as you look?" pancakes. the little black dress. nailpolishremover dip. to common grounds. the awkward curly headed mumbling boy. the rollarblading family, and the coffee fall. stealing the inverted watermelon cup. qdoba! back to pazzo. barhopping. f-ed up dreams about car accidents, den conversations, horseback riding in iraq, and train tracks. planning camping extravaganzas. mind-fuck movies. vignettes. chickenshits.

three things:
And one day we'll get nostalgic for disaster

Sing, until your lungs give out

isn't it tragic?

sometimes, i wonder if i'll ever be able to write anything that has never been said before. or find the words that will explain the emotions of a stranger to themselves. because a lot of people have done that for me, and i can't help but wonder if i'll ever be that good. on a totally different note; i have beauties for friends. assholes, and lovers, too. that's the best of it, though, because i wouldn't have it any other way.

Best friends, ex-friends to the end
Better off as lovers and not the other way around
are we all wrong?

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