Wednesday, April 30, 2008

soundtrack for the end of an era

so i figure, because i make soundtracks for pretty much everything, and most of my (important, psuedo & sometimes not-so-psuedo influential) memories are attached to music, it's only fitting, approaching this juncture in la vida that i explain the one that has been created from 2004-2008. the idea of becoming an actual person is terrifying, but if more time comes with more music like this, i'm all for it. ready, go. in no particular order, and sure to leave many out...

. a case of you [joni mitchell] - shakti summer 2007
. track 9 (germany to germany) [ratatat] - nottingham, walking down langdon fall 2006
. headlock [imogen heap] - ballerina dancing, sullivan hall sept 2005-may 2006
. buildings [regina spektor] - the love, regina mix summer 2007
. winter [joshua radin] - singing to myself in quito jan-may 2007
. in the sun (acoustic) [joseph arthur] - freshman year
. evening chai [the blue scholars] - waiting in the dark april 2007
. boy with a coin [iron & wine] - 632 howard place summer 2007
. the big ship [brian eno] - tiputini biodiversity station february 2007
. warm tape [red hot chili peppers] - running on lakeshore fall 2005
. shine your light [robbie robertson] - thanksgiving 2004
. hard to concentrate [rhcp] - everywhere summer 2007
. the warmth [incubus] - sitting on the back deck at liz spring 2005
. anna molly [incubus] - sleeping at the library december 2006
. i love rain the most [joe purdy] - co-op living september-november 2006
. bayani [the blue scholars] - early morning cold january 2008
. staring at the sun [tv on the radio] - jones hall spring 2005
. these days [nico] & this time tomorrow [the kinks] - slow motion wes 2004-2008
view from heaven [yellowcard] - october 2004
. leave me to love [imogen heap] - heart/stomach cure, gorham st. summer 2006
. the denial twist [the white stripes] - pickney st. november 2006
. dance music [the mountain goats] - dinner parties in the kitchen june-december 2006
. god's country [ani difranco] - everywhere summer 2007
. itch [ani difranco] - everywhere fall 2007
. these words [natasha bedingfield] - the radio on the river august 2005
annie's song [joe purdy] - staying up all night october 2006
. the hustler [res] - coming into my own summer 2006
swallowed in the sea [coldplay] - working at mayo summer 2005
. person person [mirah & the weeds] - walking in the cold, charter st winter 2005
. second time around [yo-yo ma] - satc and 12th ave basements summer 2005
. downfall [matchbox twenty] - 30 mi. biketrips, pine island summer 2005
. the other side [david gray] - reading in the backyard, lake mendota summer 2006
. dreams in the hollow [jesca hoop] - hobos on state and barriques spring 2008
. clam crab cockle cowrie & only skin [joanna newsom] - the great hall and the hamsters november 2006
. bad things to such good people [pedro the lion] - home from helen c. sophomore year
. guns are drawn [the roots] - cleaning the kitchen senior year
. in an aeroplane over the sea [neutral milk hotel] - hot convention 2005
. saeglopur [sigur ros] - nottingham fall 2006
. hide and seek [imogen heap] - coming home, being home summer 2005

hello, babies. welcome to earth. it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. it's round and wet and crowded. at the outside, babies, you've got about a hundred years here. there's only one rule that i know of, babies—god damn it, you've got to be kind. -vonnegut-

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jmfouquet said...

stumbled upon your blog while googling sweet willie tumbleweed. have you read coyote's sleeping where i fall? best read i've had in a long time. i enjoyed your blog.