Saturday, September 15, 2007

welcome to the 2 1 9

honestly, i'm trying to be better here. i really am. sometimes though, you just sneak back in. and i hate you! i hate you. i'm sorry, i don't actually i hate you.

the little green house
on this busy bustling barbarous corner
[there are gang fights and street riots - just like i said.
on pickney street! do you
is full of windows and wood floors and
too much noise.
the pots and pans are crooked sometimes, and the
wine glasses are cracked.
the stairwell will probably break bones before
the end of next summer, and the garbage disposal is
forever and hopelessly clogged.
but we sit on those stairs and tell stories about
hearts and
old soccer jerseys and
how the wine glasses got cracked to begin with. we eat
peanut butter and chocolate
just as often as we eat
roasted squash and sundried tomatoes and black beans.
the lights in the living room are mismatched paper lanterns, but they
are perfectly aligned with the
melted candle rack which sits in the fireplace
during dinner.
the boys who work at the market
across the street are beginning to recognize us
as the girls who need
ben & jerry's at midnight, but
the girls in this little green house on this
busy bustling barbarous corner are
fighters. we fight back.

september 1 - september 14.
1. we're both so sorry : mirah & the weeds
2. house by the sea : iron & wine
3. a case of you : joni mitchell
4. inkwell : the blue scholars
5. change is gonna come : otis redding
6. slow west vultures : the mountain goats
7. god's country : ani difranco
8. fidelity : regina spektor
9. asthenia : blink-182
10. something pretty : patrick park
11. nothing better : the postal service
12. dolores : miles davis
13. hey ya : obadiah parker
14. me and julio down by the schoolyard : paul simon

"we passed a teenage couple in leather and studs, she with
a mohawk and he with shaved head, his dented bruise-blue
skull covered in messages rendered in ink the color of raw
mo got a running start and - 'HiYA!' she yelled - kicked
the man in the thigh. he was shocked. hand and i were less
shocked. the girls were learning karate at school, and
liked to try it out on people who looked combative.
'daaaaamn... freak,' the skull man said, wiping the
footprint off his jeans. i apologized. i gave hand a look,
making sure he didn't start talking.
'they're not well,' hand explained."

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