Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dirt on the ground

the buzz of black cloves on my lips.
a ring of blue back where it belongs.
passing the alley cats on the corner.
the faint red glow of brick at dusk.
organic. vanilla. feta. tortilla chips and cheddar.
waking up as an oven.
letting my honesty show through.
the crying tree.
adrenaline on the surface of a river winding.
iced coffee with the ghost of allen ginsberg.
procrastination, involving: research, heartache, empty threats.
ciao bella & pinot grigio.
breaking writer's block wide open.
track 11.
boys who don't look away when i catch them watching me.
gravity laden phone calls.
the alice in wonderland complex.
broken social scene, brian eno, bill jones, black cadillacs, and blink.
"oh, perverse pentagon poets..." - the professor who dared to climb the plain of jars after king heroin and the drug lords.
letting all of the stitches fall from my face where his fist bruised the fragile skin of hers.
the mississippi river valley
irish brogue.

I think that it's absurd
that you think I
am the derelict daughter

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steve said...

I don't think you are the derelict daughter ! Dad