Friday, December 15, 2006

all of this

how many birds have died in cages, thinking the ceiling was the sky?

use me c’mon and use me

da da da da dum da da dum da da dum dum
da da da da dum dum

and all again I wait for this to fill the hole, to shake the sky in two

wait...there is a light...there is a fire

illuminated attic.
Fate? or something better? i could care less,
just stay with me a while

da da da da dum da da dum da da dum dum
da da da da dum dum

a cloud hangs over this city by the sea

please do persist, boy its time we met and made a mess.

he would splash paint across the great back of that invisible elephant, beg her to watch as the color dripped down its sides,
as it was elucidated.

he would try to bring it up, saying
that he was sorry, that even though he couldn't explain why
all he could do was love her.
and she would sigh, sad.
she would move as if to walk away, and he would rise, she would push her hands against his chest, holding her palms steady for a moment,
pressing down hard.
don't, she would say.
the slow jangle of a banjo, the first chords, would drift from the stereo, 'for the widows' following her footprints through the sand as she disappears behind the shelf, climbing steady down the rock face toward the ocean.
that was how he would find her, an hour before sunrise.
illuminated by the reflection of the moon off the rough pacific surf, she would stand, there in the steaming wake of a beached whale.
its grey skin drying, sending
evaporating into thin air.
she would bend, hold her body to his massive side, and rise slowly as he inhaled.
he would ask if she could forgive him, and she would say
look how quiet he is.
he was lost, and panicked; somehow,
he found himself too far along to turn back,
and now he's dying.
we could push,
maybe call the coastguard, he says.
and she would say
but look how quiet he is.

…and people are always runnin around giving their forever away…

i gave me away

i could have knocked off the evening
but i lonelily loomed him into my bone

i feel like -
- we're caught in a cage, she finishes.
they were always good at finishing.
he smiles.
yea, he says.

da da da da dum da da dum da da dum dum da da da da dum dum

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