Wednesday, December 07, 2005

taking over small countries

walking down the street in the cold snow...hands together

no one ever touches each other when its nice outside, never holds hands until its so cold you need the human contact just to stay sane

down the sidewalk trudging, arms linked, into the building. held beneath the protective arm, just under, up against the collar bone where its safest, most comfortable. having the most peculiar conversation, realizing what is going on - a look from one, silently whispering in the back of your mind
you're done.
down the stairs, still connected. so real! and i hear my name calling from the walls...was it you? who knows, but i'll remember the chills for the rest of my days.

i am terribly frustrated. and also sick of being single [surprise]. sick (and!) tired of writing about the same shit every time i pick up a pen. tired of feeling inadequate at life. i am angry!

least favorites:
.negative windchills.
.early morning lectures that make no point.
.boys who play hot and cold.
.always being sleepy.
.leaving behind people at semester.

something needs to happen. something huge. the taking over of something, a building, a city, a country. we should all be armed and taking over small countries. or rioting. or no: an orgy. there should be an orgy.

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